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Hot School Meals

From September 2018 our hot meals will be provided by Ideal School Meals, meals are priced at £2.40 per day. Please click on the link to order your child's meals

Please find a copy of Ideal meals user guide to ordering meals below.

Please also read the notes below:-

  • YOU MUST order meals for your child, if you do not order a meal your child WILL NOT be provided with one. Food will no longer be automatically ordered for your child YOU MUST place an order for them.
  • We understand that not everybody has access to the internet, if this is the case and you are unable to order meals for your child please see Lisa Watson in the office, we are happy to help.
  • Meals can be cancelled and a refund given by calling 01522 246424 or emailing, up until 8.30am on the morning should your child be unwell.

If you think your child may be entitled to free school meals, you will need to apply through Lincolnshire County Council's Online Portal. Here you will be required to create an account, once your account has been verified you will be able to continue with your application. Should you require any assistance please telephone or call into the school office.

Please find the link for Lincolnshire County Councils Online Portal below:-



Please find below term two menu's - 30th October to 20th December 2018

There are also 4 special themed lunches please see below.

Our school milk scheme
Did you know our school has a school milk scheme?
By registering your child for our school milk scheme they will receive a 189ml (third of a pint) carton of semi-skimmed milk every day. This is delivered fresh and chilled to their classroom every day.

“How much does it cost?”
Thanks to government subsidies, school milk is free for all under-fives and is subsided at around £15 a term for children aged five or older.

“Why should I register my child?”
School milk provides your child with essential nutrients such as calcium and protein, for strong, healthy teeth and bones. It is also rehydrating and energy boosting, helping to bridge the long gap between breakfast and lunch so children stay focused.

Find out the top ten reasons to drink school milk at

“How do I register my child?”

If your child is under five-

  1. Go to or pick up a form from school.
  2. Just register by a Tuesday for your child’s free milk to start the following week.
  3. Free milk will continue until the Friday before your child’s fifth birthday. You will receive a payment request three weeks before this time- if you wish for your child to continue to receive school milk simply make a payment. 

If your child is over five-

  1. Go to or pick up a form from school. 
  2. Pay Cool Milk online, over the phone, at a local PayPoint or by cheque in instalments to suit you.  If registering online you can pay straight away, if using a registration form you will need to wait to receive a payment request. 
  3. Just pay by a Tuesday for your child’s milk to start the following week.

“How do I find out more?”
Visit or contact Cool Milk directly on 0844 854 2913.

Click here to Register your child for Coolmilk